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Addition and Subtraction Fast Fact Tests
Students will take a fast fact test 1-2 times a month.  Here are some practice fact tests to use at home:

Addition Fast Fact Test
Subtraction Fast Fact Test

Place Value Games 
1.  Base Ten Blocks
2. Place Value Mystery Picture
3.  Dino Place Value
4.  Arrow Cards-  write the number on a sticky note before you click the red button
5. Place Value Golf
6.  Cyberchase Number Sense
7.  Shark Pool Place Value
8.  Place Value Puzzler: Easy and Medium
9.  Compare
Bonus: Can You Say Really Big Numbers?

Addition and Subtraction Games

1.  Space Lunchtime:  practice all your ADDITION facts
2.  Space Lunchtime: practice all our SUBTRACTION facts
3.  Space Shuttle Launch:  practice your facts, select addition and
4.  Math Baseball:  choose a level and add or subtract
5.  Estimation:  choose either game, matching or concentration
6.  Estimation to the Hundreds:  scroll down to PRACTICE
7.  Guess It:  estimation game
8.  Moon Rock Patterns:
9.  Comparing Numbers:

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