Monday, October 21, 2013

Unit 1 Math Test this Wednesday and Thursday

Happy Monday!

Students will bring home their data binders tonight.  Make sure you take a look at how they are doing with their facts and Unit 1 information.

This Wednesday and Thursday we will be taking our CCPS Unit 1 Math Test.  Please use the following information to help your child study.

Thank you for all that your do to help your child with their education.  It truly shows in the classroom! :)

Unit 1 Math Test Review

Use the papers that have been sent home along with the papers in your data binder to help you review for the Unit 1 Test on Wed/Thur.  Click on the blue links to see a practice sheet for each skill.


1.     Word problems

provide a representation (drawing or visual model such as a number line or a ten frame)

solve it write an equation (specific to the word problem), use a symbol for the unknown, choose the correct situation equation from those provided

2.    Create a bar graph to organize data.  Then, answer questions using your bar graph

3.    Number lines show adding and subtracting on the number line

4.    True/False equations be able to prove that an equation is true or false by showing your thinking (work).

5.    Know a variety of ways to make a given number (addends to equal 10, 11, 12, )  We have done this several times in class as a warm up.  The children really love this activity.

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